I'm having some issues getting pagination to work properly with the 
latest release candidate.

My code layout code looks like this and the archive is /blog/:

<r:find url="/blog/">
<r:children:each order="desc" by="published_at" paginated="true" 
<div class="post<r:if_first> top-post</r:if_first>">
<div class="title">
<span class="date"><r:date format="%m.%d.%y" /></span>
<h2><a href="<r:url />"><r:title /></a></h2>
<div class="holder">
<div class="img">
<img src="<r:content part="icon" />" width="70" height="70" 
alt="<r:content part="icon_alt_text" />" />
<div class="text">
<r:content part="summary" /> <p class="more"><a href="<r:url />">read 

I have the 'per_page' set low so I can do some testing with the 
pagination.  The pages render properly except for the pagination 
navigation (i.e. previous 1 2 next).

The pagination navigation links are not using the parent URL as the base 
(i.e. http://www.mydomain.com/blog/?2).  Instead, they're outputting 
links to the URL of the last child displayed on the page (i.e. 

In short, I'm getting:

instead of:

Has anyone else encountered this and have a clue how to fix this?

I appreciate the help!

Chris Grant
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