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As Anna mentioned, RAILS_ROOT/lib is not in the load path. New classes &
> modules are usually contained in extensions.

So is there no way to make it look under RAILS_ROOT/lib (and other places)?
I tried augmenting config.load_paths in my enviornment.rb, but that seemed
to be of null effect. Or is putting things in lib just a patently bad idea?

But I'm curious as to what you mean by this:
>  In another radiant project, I have radiant installed under lib/:
> If you're loading Radiant from a gem, how did you end up with it installed
> in lib?

Well, that's a longer story...I'll try to keep it short.

I've inherited a Radiant 0.6.7 site that I'm trying to get updated and
augmented with all sorts of extensions and plugins. The previous owner of
the project installed radiant under lib/, including some monkey patches, and
froze all of his gem dependencies under vendor/. So now, I'm trying to get
us upgraded and get everything untangled to make it easier to manage going

 To get a bit more specific, the old install made some monkey patches (at
least I think that's what they are) to standard_tags.rb which are in a file
at 'app/models/standard_tags.rb'. I'm not sure why he did this (they look
like custom tags, not behavior changes to StandardTags), but of course
'app/models' isn't in the include path, so they're not getting picked up,
thus causing the site to break. I'm not sure if I want to tackle turning
this into an extension just yet (I'd like to minimize the number of changes
I make at each step), so how would I go about applying this monkey patch?

Thanks a ton for your help thus far!


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