i want to install the forum, group_reader and reader extension in
Radiant 0.9 RC2 . I installed all the reguired extensions, but when i
want to migrate the extension comes the  following failure trace:

tobias-sommers-macbook:hp togo$ rake production db:migrate:extensions
(in /Users/togo/dev/.../..)
rake aborted!
Authlogic is trying to prepend a before_filter in
ActionController::Base to active itself, the problem is that
ApplicationController has already been loaded meaning the
before_filter won't get copied into your application. Generally this
is due to another gem or plugin requiring your ApplicationController
prematurely, such as the resource_controller plugin. The solution is
to require Authlogic before these other gems / plugins. Please require
authlogic first to get rid of this error!

Ok, i understand this error but in which file i have to require the
Authlogic gem before the other gems??

Thanks for help

Greetz from Germany ;-)


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