It's a feature! But yes, if it's causing trouble I can make it an opt- in feature.

It would only take one line in sns for it to display pagination controls, though.


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On 3 Jun 2010, at 22:06, Jim Gay <> wrote:

There's a problem with the way the default pagination was implemented.
As you have found, it assumes that all pagination within the admin
will take the same pagination settings.
Please feel free to post this at

On May 26, 2:53 pm, "D.Kreft" <> wrote:
I'm using Radiant 0.9.0...and I'm a Rails n00b, so please bear with me.

Is there a way to turn off pagination? I'm managing a site with a lot of stylesheets using the "sns" extension and the pagination is biting me in the hind quarters--only the first 20 css files are showing up. I don't really have a need for pagination here but I can't see a clear-cut way to turn it off. I tried naively removing the 'will_paginate' gem, but that caused
things to blow up. :-)

Can someone drop a clue on me? I'd sure appreciate it!


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