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> This seems like the simplest Radiant question, but I can't figure out
> how to do it.
> If I create a home page, and then I create child pages, how do I
> insert
> a link from the home page to one of the child pages?  I'm assuming
> that
> there is a Radius tag for this, but perhaps not?  Is it just a
> straight
> link?

In short:

<r:children:each><r:link /> </r:children:each>


<r:find url="/some/path/to/a/page"><r:link /></r:find>

But do read this:

And you should be able to click on "Tag Reference" on any page edit
screen for details about the tags available on that page.

> Thanks,
> Wes
> P. S.  If this is a multiple post - my apologies.  The Web forum
> doesn't appear to be valid anymore and I posted there twice.

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