Hi all,
I have installed Radiant and got it running on Heroku (which works
great by the way).  But I have a quick question.  This is probably a
dumb question so please forgive.  When I add a child to the Home Page -
> Articles page, the Child Page displays on the site, but doesn't
display in the tree when logged in to the Admin site.  It seems that I
can only see pages in the tree that are one level deep.  Is there some
setting that is preventing me from seeing the third level child pages
in the admin tree?  Hope this makes sense.  And please forgive me, I
am both a radiant beginner and a ROR beginner.  I just remember when I
first used the radiant demo a version or two ago, I was able to see
these pages, but now that I've installed the latest version, I am
unable to.

Thank You in advance for your help...

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