On Jul 20, 2010, at 9:26 PM, Andrew Reid wrote:

> On 21 July 2010 10:22, Andrew Reid <andrew.r...@synergetix.com.au> wrote:
>> What am I not doing right here? Do I need to do something else to
>> restrict the visibility to (and access to) that tab?
> A bit more digging[1] and fiddling later and I've solved my own
> problem. It seems that with the Admin UI Tab API change that occurred,
> the access control stuff happens in the controller, rather than when
> the tab is added. I've submitted a patch to spanner for inclusion in
> the code.
>   - andrew
> [1] http://en.wiki.github.com/radiant/radiant/developer-upgrade-notes/

I want to push some awareness of multiple sites into the core, and need to get 
back to that, but try this http://github.com/saturnflyer/radiant-vhost-extension

But checkout Will's not-yet-ready sites extension too 

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