Of course, the proper Radiant approach to this is probably to use a snippet to hold the content that is common to the two layouts, in the spirit of DRYness.


On 8/3/10 5:24 AM, swartz wrote:
I'm attempting to extend Radiant's admin with my first attempt at an
extension. I've added the necessary tabs, etc.
I'm trying to use ActiveScaffold (AS) for the extension's controllers.
So far so good. Except...

First stumbling block is how do I use active_scaffold_includes view
helper that comes with AS?
It injects all the necessary CSS and JavaScripts into layouts.

After reading Radiant wiki I found out about include_stylesheet and
include_javascript helpers but these wont help as AS has a whole bunch
of assets being added.

My temporary solution is to copy radiant's application.html.haml and
modify it to include that helper (jsut as conferences extension does).
This works, however I do not like this as it's not DRY enough.

What would be a better way to use actives_scaffold_includes with
Radiant extensions?


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