I added acts_as_solr extension for radiant -- I followed the
directions. I also added the acts_as_solr plgin for rails.

now when I add a page I get:

NoMethodError (undefined method `keywords' for #<Page:0x10abcb640>):
  radiant (0.9.1) app/controllers/admin/resource_controller.rb:64:in
  radiant (0.9.1) vendor/plugins/haml/rails/./lib/sass/plugin/rails.rb:
20:in `process'

Rendered rescues/_trace (231.0ms)
Rendered rescues/_request_and_response (0.8ms)
Rendering rescues/layout (internal_server_error)

Can anyone help me out? i really want to get search working in
Radiant, otherwise I 'll have to opt for something else.

When I do localhost:3000/search
I don't get any results for anything.

yes -- I started the solr server and can see in my terminal that it is

Any help what so ever would be helpful.

Radiant is perfect for all else.



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