I'm trying to see if reader extension would work for me.
I have Rails 2.3.8. installed Radiant gem 0.9.1 + share_layouts from
spanner's github repo and then latest reader from spanner's github as

I ran the migrations, everything is going good. I can create users and
login successfully.
But as soon as I try to use reader tags inside pages, things just
don't work right.

After logging in, I can go to /login and it tells me I've successfully
logged in.
But then if I attempt to view a page (its type set to Application to
avoid caching) that has tags like these

<r:if_reader>We got reader!!!</r:if_reader>


<r:reader_welcome />

it does not see that there is a current_reader logged in.

After some debugging, it appears that around line 260 (http://

260:  if tag.locals.reader = Reader.current

Reader.current is remains nil

I've looked at the 
where Reader.current gets set, but can't figure out what's wrong.

There is nothing alarming in the logs.

I can't figure out why that is. The app sees a valid login, but the
tag's don't get the current_reader and thus don't work.

Any ideas?

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