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> Hi *,
> I try to make globalize2 and vhost like each other. Its getting better but 
> now I have an issue with
> Page types other then Page (like ArchivePage and the like)
> http://gist.github.com/560880
> where line 174 is:
> translated_attribute_names.map(&:to_s) + super
> so it seams that subclasses of Page forget about their attributes 
> (tranlated), or something thelike

it forgets about

model.send(:translates, *columns) which is sent with
Page     => [:title, :slug, :breadcrumb, :description, :keywords]

it seems as if the subclassing does not work with vhost or is just plain wrong 
in globalize 
the subclasses "loose" the translates columns if i put them in again (with 
model send on the subclass) it works


its like some of the instance method patches go to one instance of page and the 
other go to the other instance
and the subclassing or extend is on the wrong instance then

like prototype inheritance

and what is really really strange is, that it works with the first site which 
gets accessed from the browser
a following request to the other site shows the again the exception.

stop the server

and its the other way round

any suggestions? 

cu edi
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