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I´m having some difficulties to get the if_url to work with Radiant 0.9.1.

The ROOT match works, but as soon as I try to match deeper it fails.
When I visit the url site.com/blog/dssp I would expect either the CHILD GALLERY match or the DSSP match to work, but non of them does.
The template only contains one if_url.

<r:if_url matches="^/blog/$">
    ROOT GALLERY  # Matches site.com/blog AND site.com/blog/dssp

<r:if_url matches="/blog/.+/">
CHILD GALLERY # Does not match site.com/blog nor site.com/blog/ dssp

<r:if_url matches="/blog/dssp/">
    DSSP # Does not match site.com/blog nor site.com/blog/dssp

What am I missing out?

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Try ^/blog/.

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