Might I need (to install) a reverse proxy?  The release notes for
0.9.0 mention a new feature of "being able to install in
subdirectories," but this would seem to be exactly what's vexing me.

On Sep 12, 11:00 pm, Rob <smokes...@gmail.com> wrote:
> When I try to login tohttp://mywebsite.com/cms/admin/login
> ... the entry is accepted (or seems to be), but then Radiant
> immediately falls back to a path that does NOT include the
> subdirectory I installed Radiant into ("cms"), with an error of:
>  "Not Found
> The requested URL /admin/login was not found on this server."
> (dropping the "cms" in the path, which is the subdirec I installed
> Radiant into)
> I'm using the very latest version (0.9.1)  I dug around, but couldn't
> find a config -type file that holds that path.
> I also dug around the Radiant site hoping to find more details about
> this recently added feature (the "ability" to be installed in
> subdirectories), but no luck there, either.
> Any ideas?

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