Hello kbingman,

You may find my translation at 
Is not 100% translated but I think is ready for sharing.

I made a Portuguese (pt-PT) translation. I tried to use pt-PT instead
of pt, maybe someone else would like to contribute with pt-BR, but I
was not able to do it. Maybe you could give me some tips with this.

I also find some strings without labels in .yml (for instance more and
less links), I will investigate this.


Paulo Abreu

On Aug 30, 10:52 am, kbingman <kbing...@gmail.com> wrote:
> HiPaulo,
> do you have a github project for it? Can you send me a link and let me
> know what Language you have translated? Once I take a look, we can try
> to get it with the other language packs.
> Thanks.
> Keith
> http://keithbingman.com
> ke...@keithbingman.com
> On Aug 27, 4:14 pm,PauloAbreu<pauloalexab...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I made a radiant cms translation and I would like to know the best
> > practice for sharing it.
> > Thanks,
> >PauloAbreu

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