On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 5:16 PM, D.Kreft <d...@kreft.net> wrote:
> I've looked through all of the extensions at http://ext.radiantcms.org/, and
> did some googling 'round, but I'm not seeing what I'm looking for...
> What I'm looking for is an extension that would allow me to integrate
> Radiant's login screen with an LDAP server (e.g. ActiveDirectory). Does such
> an animal exist? The closest I've seen is radiant-ldap-extension
> (http://github.com/radiant/radiant-ldap-extension), but it's two years old
> and doesn't sound like it's what I'm after.
> -dan

As far as I know, nothing like that currently exists.

Jim Gay
Saturn Flyer LLC

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