Victor Luft has done some great work today to make the Radiant
prototype project accessible over:

Go check it out. You'll find some new stuff there that hasn't been
implemented yet. The purpose of the prototype is to make it easier for
the community to share ideas for updates and features (without doing a
lot of development work first). We favor a design-first approach to
design which helps iron out problems with the interface, before they
make it into the application.

If you are interested in contributing to the design effort, please
have a look at:

This project uses a small prototyping framework that I built to make
it easier to prototype Rails apps. It's called Serve, and you can
learn more about it here:

A Screencast about serve is available at the end of this article:

Our goal here is to make the design process as transparent as possible
and to encourage contributions from the community at large. I've asked
before, but we are constantly looking for tallent to assist us in this

Let the best ideas win!

John Long

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