I have googled and read all I can find, but with my limited knowledge,
I cant seem to figure out what is going on, any help would be awesome,
as I cant find anyone having the same problem.

my setup is a local version of radiant with two custom extensions, and
few installed ones (mailer, mediamaid, settings, share_layouts). I
have a git repo of the project that I can cap deploy to my server
successfully, but the extensions that I installed do not get copied
up, meaning that the 'folder' gets added to git and and empty folder
is pushed to the server.

I verify this with ssh and sure enough, the folders are empty.

So I do a little inspection and alter some files in a few of the
extensions (adding spaces and such), and then do a git status, with no

My question is, If I have to install extensions on my server manually
via ssh, why is git sending an empty folder.  And why is git not
seeing changes?

Thanks for any insight.

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