I've never used pilu's (or any) newsletter extension, but if all you
want to do is collect email adresses from your site, you really don't
need one.
There are a whole lot of aspects about sending newsletters to get
right, so in my opinion, you should leave that to an external service
like CampaignMonitor.
They make it very easy to create a piece of embed code to collect
adresses from your site.
We have plans to integrate CM better with radiant via CM's API, but it
may well take a long time before we finally get to it.
Clients would be able to view their subscribers list and opening rates
in the backend, and perhaps even send new campaigns from there.

On Oct 14, 1:22 pm, Mamed Mamedov <mam...@mammadov.org> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I have a question about if there any extensions for implementing
> "newsletter" functions on site? For example, if I need to collect email
> addresses from my visitors to send them weekly newsletters.
> There was pilu's newsletter extension on github, but, I think, it does not
> work with v0.8.2. Does anybody know something to use for radiant 0.8.2?
> Best Regards,
> Mamed Mamedov

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