Not sure if I got it, sorry for my English, can you specify your
problem more exactly?

1. (sudo) 'gem install radiant' or if you have it already then 'gem
update' or 'gem udapte radiant'

2. then check if it's ready to use: 'gem list' or 'gem list ra'

3. if there is multiple version, then 'gem cleanup' or 'gem cleanup

If further help needed, please let me know your Rails, Gem, Ruby
versions, operating system, gem list and error message.

Good luck,

On nov. 20, 18:06, Eric <> wrote:
> The docs/wiki are way out of date and there is no RADIANT_* in
> environment.rb (or environments/*) at all. I've found that 0.8.1 (or
> some plugin) has disabled ctrl-right arrow, which I use to navigate
> through text quite often, so I'd like to check whether 0.9 will fix it
> or if it's a bigger problem.

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