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> Guys,
> You are so great to maintain this discussion board and answer the
> queries listed by the newbies here. Thank you for doing this.
> Heroku announced recently an update in their Postgre SQL offering
> (http://www.advertisertalk.com/heroku-postgresql-database-add-on-gets-
> update-17533.zhtml)
> At present most of the how-to's on the web are written for Radiant/
> sqlite/Heroku. Will anyone share observations on using Radiant CMS/
> Heroku with Postgre SQL?

Heroku uses postgres every time unless you specify otherwise. If you
make a local app using sqlite and push it to heroku, it will be
running on postgres there.

> What are the tips and tricks we need to know? Ruby and gems versions?
> Will it be a problem if I use Postgre SQL 9 insted 8.4.4.?

It shouldn't.

> I am using Radiant CMS version 0.9.1.
> Thanks,
> Petko

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