I started to wonder if this was related to the chronicle extension
after I grep'ed for various of the 404-causing files and found
references to these files:


Then I saw Will's response. So, although I do like the chronicle
extension, is the solution to remove it (at least for now, until it is
updated)? And, if so, I can't find documentation anywhere on how to do
that. (I have removed extensions from redmine by just deleting their
directories, but this is not best practice I'm sure.)

On Dec 2, 12:13 am, William Ross <w...@spanner.org> wrote:
> On 2 Dec 2010, at 00:25, rosslaird wrote:
> > I have just started using Radiant (which is just great, by the way),
> > so apologies in advance for what may be a very simple question: the
> > server log shows various 404s to image files: button.png and new-
> > snippet.png are two examples. My setup is on locahost, for testing, so
> > the 404 refers to (for example) this 
> > url:http://localhost/images/admin/button.png.
> Both of those are files used by older versions of the admin interface. The 
> most likely explanation is that one of your extensions is not up to date: 
> being contemporary with an older version of radiant it is assuming the 
> presence of files that don't exist any more.
> Radiant's helper methods mean that the author probably didn't need to spell 
> out the image path, but something like this (in your radiant instance 
> directory) should show you where it's coming from:
>         grep -r 'new-snippet' .
> I don't get any matches from a normal radiant site except in old log files.
> best,
> will
> > There are quite a few image files in /images/admin, but not
> > button.png. On the other hand, there is a new-snippet.png in the
> > images/admin directory, but I still get a 404 for that file as well.
> > These image files are not ones that I have created, so I'm not sure
> > what's going on. I do have some extensions installed (Chronicle, blog,
> > mailer, paperclipped, settings) and I don't know if these are a
> > factor. I have combed through all the css files I can find, and
> > nothing seems to point to these missing files.
> > Suggestions?
> > Thanks in advance.
> > Ross Laird

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