I am just getting started on a new radiant site.  I generated it via the
radiant shell command (v0.9.1 gem).  I would like to use devise as the
authentication mechanism for the site.  I came across a wiki page explaining
how to do it:


The wiki page calls for following the devise instructions for gem
installation and then generator usage for creating a custom user model
(along with other instructions for setup).  My problem is that I can't seem
to access the devise_install generator (or any other generator that isn't
included with radiant).  When I run script/generate, I see:

Installed Generators
  Builtin: extension, extension_controller, extension_mailer,
extension_migration, extension_model, instance, language_extension

None of either the Rails generators or generators provided by gems I have
installed in my environment are visible to me.  Is there some step I need to
do to be able to see non-radiant generators?

Thanks in advance,


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