You have to add the extension code to your git repo.  Then it's just
part of your app and EY will pick it all up every time you ship your

On Nov 3, 10:59 am, wlai <> wrote:
> I'm new toRadiant, and I'm wondering if anyone has done aRadiant
> installation atEngineYard.  I've gotten the basicRadiantinstall
> setup, but I'm unsure how to install any of the extensions.  For
> example, under vednor, there is a "gems" subdirectory, a "radiant"
> subdirectory, but no "extensions".
> Where would I installRadiantextensions?  I'm also used to just doing
> "git clone url" andEngineYard'sgit isn't compiled with curl, so it
> can't fetch the extensions directly from github.
> Any help appreciated.  Thanks.

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