Ok, so I'm sure you can tell by this last post of mine that I'm a
complete noob. Looks like it's kramdown that I would use for the
markdown and then coderay for syntax highlighting. Fine. Figured out
that part. So now the question is how do I use kramdown + coderay w/
radiant? :P

Thanks again.

On Dec 12, 2:51 pm, craayzie <flesh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I can't quite figure out how to use the coderay gem. Could you provide
> some guidance around how to do it? I see that there are filters
> available to me via extensions that allow me to leverage different
> text markups - I'm guessing I'd have to use the coderay gem in a
> different manner? Or should it be exposed as a filter like the others?
> Thanks for the help.

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