On 13 Dec 2010, at 19:05, bradley.t.her...@gmail.com wrote:

> I'm writing an extension to add a new feature to the "taggable"
> extension and I need to do something very simple: add a new column to
> the taggable index page.  This is pretty simple:
> admin.tag.index.add :thead, "add_required_header", :after =>
> "modify_header"
> admin.tag.index.add :tbody, "add_required_cell", :after =>
> "modify_cell"
> However, in my partial, I need to reference the tag object from
> index.html.haml:
> - for tag in @tags
>        %tr.node.level-1
>          - render_region :tbody do |tbody|
>            .
>            .
>            .
>            / Partial code should be inserted here
>            / - tbody.required_cell do
>            /   - if tag.required
>            /     Required
> However, the "tag" object is not available within the partial.  Is
> there any way I can get access to that when I'm adding code via
> partials?

No. It's a weakness of the otherwise very cunning shards mechanism that there 
is no way for it to get at local variables.

Taggable could help, perhaps by including an empty partial 
(_other_columns.html.haml?) with some locals or by setting a @current_tag 
variable within the index-page loop. Neither approach is very pleasing, but it 
will take a while to arrive at a better solution that is also simple enough to 
live with.

I need to clear up that index page anyway (as you can see from the 
'node.level-1'). Would anyone like to suggest a best practice here?


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