Thanks Will! Bug filed here:

Looking forward to the fix! If you'd like to give me a quick pointer
as to where to dig and help, I'd be happy to make the fix, since a
client of mine will be depending on it.

If you have any suggestions as to what else to do in the meantime,
that would be a lot of help as well! Thanks!

On Dec 21, 2:11 am, William Ross <> wrote:
> On 21 Dec 2010, at 03:21, Keith Hanson wrote:
> > Hi All!
> > I think my problem is fairly simple, but I'm finding that the
> > paginated="true" attribute does absolutely nothing in this context:
> >
> You're right. The nesting of the tags there means that you're actually 
> calling aggregate:each:children:each and I missed that one when fitting the 
> pagination. Would you mind filing an issue? I think it just needs drying out 
> but I'd better check why the author didn't just call children:each in the 
> first place.
> thanks,
> will

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