Hi everyone,

Little weirdness in getting page_factory working with the latest from the
Radiant repo (vendored radiant).  Got page_factory set up with the
following. In environment.rb

config.gem 'radiant-page_factory-extension',  :version => '1.0.1', :lib=>
> 'page_factory'

and disabled page_menu

config.extensions -= [:page_menu, ... ]

Ran the required migrations

rake db:migrate:extensions
> rake radiant:extensions:update_all

But when I start everything up the "add child" link points to
"#allowed_children_1" whereas I'm assuming it should be pointing to
"/admin/pages/factories?page=1", is that right?  For what it's worth - If I
change the link to "/admin/pages/factories?page=1" with firebug, it works

Not sure where I should go from here.  Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!

- Joel

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