On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 2:27 PM, William Ross <w...@spanner.org> wrote:
> 4. Now you can be fairly sure that the problem is in a radiant extension.
> You will need to poke around in the console (in production mode on the live
> site) to find out more. Here are some values you could check:
> SiteController.cache_timeout (should be a duration, most likely 5.minutes)
> Radiant::Config['dev.host'] (make sure this isn't the same as your
> production host)
> Page.find_by_parent_id(nil).cache? (that's the home page. cached? should be
> true)
> That last will most likely return false, and you will need to track down
> why.
> best,
> will

THanks for all these tips Will. I am indeed getting 200 responses and
to respond to Anton's previous comments, firebug shows that nearly all
the delay is spent waiting for the server. THere's no funny business
in the apache config, it's quite standard.
SiteController.cache_timeout is 300 seconds,
Radiant::Config['dev.host'] is nil. The only config settings that show
up when I call

Radiant::Config.find(:all).each { |c| p c.key }



SnS.cache_timeout is 600.

Page.find_by_parent_id(nil).cache? is true.

So it looks like most of my settings are normal so far. Any more
ideas?  Thanks again for your troubleshooting tips.


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