I just committed to: https://github.com/iteh/radiant-tags-extension

and sent a pull request to https://github.com/jomz/radiant-tags-extension

 <r:all_tags:each limit="1000" by="popularity" order="desc"> 
  <li class="size1"><a href="<r:url/>"><r:name/>(<r:popularity/>)</a>,</li>

On 26.01.2011, at 11:11, swartz wrote:

> Hi,
> Assuming you're talking about this extension:
> https://github.com/jomz/radiant-tags-extension
> See this file, line 121:
> https://github.com/jomz/radiant-tags-extension/blob/master/app/models/radius_tags.rb
> Line that reads:
> output += "<li class=\"#{cloud_class}\"><a href=\"#{results_page}/
> #{tag}\" class=\"tag\">#{tag} (#{amount})</a></li>"
> Change it to this:
> output += "<li class=\"#{cloud_class}\"><a href=\"#{results_page}/
> #{tag}\" class=\"tag\"><em>#{amount}</em> #{tag}</a></li>"
> I'd recommend forking this extension to your own github account (it's
> free), and keeping your changes there. This way if the origin changes
> you can pull in new changes.
> --
> Swartz
> On Jan 23, 10:47 pm, rosslaird <r...@rosslaird.com> wrote:
>> I am new to Radiant, and not a (real) programmer, but I am persistent
>> and willing to try things. Here's what I'm trying to do with the tags
>> extension: extract the number from the output, style it with css as an
>> em element, remove the parentheses around the number, and move the
>> number to before the tag name in the output. So the output, which
>> currently looks like this:
>>     <a href="/search/by-tag?tag=tag_name">tag_name (1)</a>
>> would look like this:
>>    <a href="/search/by-tag?tag=tag_name"><em>1</em> tag_name</a>
>> I can see a couple of places in the tag extension files where it looks
>> like the output is defined, but I don't know enough to feel confident
>> changing that stuff.
>> Suggestions are most welcome.

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