I am new to Radiant, but I'm enjoying using it so far. So first of
all, thanks to all the developers and contributors for making this a
great system.

I am having some strange problems setting up a blog in Radiant 0.9.1.
I am following the example code in the demo, but my instance is not
behaving the same way. For instance, I have created a page as an
Archive Month Index, and when I use <r:archive:children:each
order="desc" status="published">, Radiant generates the list in
ascending order. Not the end of the world, but on the demo, it is
working correctly. I also found that <r:find url="/blog"> isn't
working at all. Even though I am sure the page exists with the right
name, <r:find> doesn't seem to find it. Something must be wrong with
my instance. Any ideas on what I should try? Thanks for your help.


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