I am seeking a Radiant Expert / Programmer to help me on a project.

We are converting a static site, which currently contains 100's of
pages, to a dynamic template based site.  All of the HTML/CSS,
Javascript, and JQuery has been developed.  We have already setup our
Production Environment, which will be running on Heroku w/ AWS hosting
our Assets.  We are willing to change this if the programmer has a
better solution.  The existing site gets over a million unique
visitors a month.  We don't have a huge budget but are willing to pay
for the best programmer for the job.  Below are the requirements.  We
are looking for an individual, but if you have a team, we will
consider that as well.

Radiant Experience. Candidate must have successfully deployed at least
3 radiant sites.
Must have knowledge of existing radiant extensions (i.e. PageFactory,
Settings, Paperclipped, etc.)
Must be able to create / modify extensions or gems
Must have at least 2 years of ROR programming experience
Must have experience Deploying to multiple Hosting Environments.
Cloud based experience is a huge plus.
Must have experience integrating Radiant with Search Engines, such as,
SOLR or Sphinx Search
Must be familiar with JQuery, CSS, and Javascript, but if you are an
expert please let us know.
Must have experience integrating Radiant with Facebook, Twitter,
Disqus, Outbrain, Feedburner, and ShareThis
Experience with Heroku and AWS is a huge plus
Experience with Facebook Connect is a huge plus

Please email your background, contact info, list of existing radiant
sites,  and/or resume or website  to radiant.programm...@gmail.com

I need this resource asap!!!

Best Regards,

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