swartz said the following on 02/11/2011 09:23 AM:
> I recently took over support for a large website that uses Radiant.
> Over 1000 pages and added/edited all the time.
> The site has a sitemap page, which shows all of the available
> resources.
> The sitemap is generated using the navigation_tags extension:
> <r:nav root="/" depth="4" expand_all="true" />
> It takes forever (~25sec) to generate that one page due to the
> recursive nature of the calls.
> Are there any faster alternatives to this extension?
> Open to any suggestions...

I don't know that it would be faster, but this is what I use:

My 'site map' page has what would be in your terms:

   <r:find url="/">
     <r:snippet name="sitemapper" />

And that snippet reads

 <r:children:each  order="asc">
   <r:unless_content part="no-map">
       <r:link />
           <r:snippet name="sitemapper" />

Yes, its still recursive, there no way round that for a general
algorithm.  Perhaps "children:each" is faster than "nav"

I suspect a lot of your time is because the site is deeply nested.

And yes, I found it important to have the "no-map".
Not everything under the root should appear in the map.
I have 'axillary" pages; like the site map, like CSS pages, like the RSS
page, like the PNF page, likes ones that have lookup tables and things
that, for a variety of reasons, need to be in pages rather than snippets.

For example, my main menu is not built by traversing the top-level of
the tree, so in reality the menu navigable site isn't all of the tree
below the root.  If your site is like that in any way it may make sense
to put the non navigable parts under a "no-map" branch.

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