On 12 Feb 2011, at 06:36, cody eilar wrote:

> Since I couldn't post a reply to the actual thread I am starting a new
> one...
> Anyways, I am having the same problem as the above title. I am unable
> to successfully install and run the radiant-settings extension. I do
> the following steps:
> sudo gem install radiant-settings-extension
> script/extension install settings
> script/console production
> ------------------>Radiant::Config['roles.settings']='admin'
> rake radiant:extensions:settings:update
> rake radiant:extensions:settings:migrate
> Then when I try to access "Subtites" for example under the
> Applications window under Settings, I get an error such as: undefined
> method `description' for #<Radiant::Config:0x23a9498>

That doesn't sound like 0.9.1. Are you using edge? In that case you don't need 
settings: there's a new, extendable configuration panel built in.



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