Has anyone tried the page versioning gems with Radiant 0.9.1? I tried
it out, but it is not working with Radiant 0.9.1.

After installed the gem and I click save and preview, the page parts
are to my surprise deleted in database. So when you click to edit the
page, you will see empty page parts there. What's more, the normal
editing of page is also not working, you can't save the changes to a
page any more.

I am trying to figure out the codes where it breaks. I post this bug
on github but the author  didn't reply to my post.

p.s Personally I feel a lot of Radiant extensions are not keep up to
date and maintained. If you search for a gem, not many of them
indicates that it is compatible with Radiant 0.9. So I feel it is a
bit difficult for Radiant to keep moving.

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