I'd like to suggest a new feature for radiant to ease development.

I'd like to have tags inserted around snippets in dev mode, so that
snippets can be easily identified when developing or editing.

something like this:
<r:dev:snippet name="thisSnippet">
 the snippet goes here

So why would this be useful?

It would tremendously ease finding the respective snippet when looking
at the rendered page.

It could even be used in a Radiant IDE (or some simple browser
extension) to directly link to the editing page of the respective

It could even help in making sure that each snippet is well formed
XML, as it would wrap an XML container around each snippet.

Thinking ahead, it might even be worthwhile to promote all radiant
tags into the rendered page in a dev/debug mode.

Maybe like:
  <!-- content not rendered since condition was not true -->

The r:dev prefix is just a suggestion.
Maybe we should just use the r: prefix in the rendered page to ease

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