I'm using Radiant 0.9.1.

I have several "folders" that have a large number of children under them--in
one case that number is 76. When I load /admin/pages and then expand one of
these folders, I only see the first 50 entries. If, while the menu is
expanded, I reload the page, the remaining 26 children show up in the list.
In short, when a request for a page's children is made as part of a page
request, it works as expected--the ajax request truncates results.

After much sleuthing, I've tracked the problem down to
resource_controller.rb. It seems that when I make a non-AJAX request,
self.class.paginated (in #paginated?) is nil (on Admin::PagesController).
But when I expand the folder and the AJAX request gets fired off,
self.class.paginated (again, in #paginated?) is true, which causes the
truncation I've described above.

So this raises a few questions:

1) How and where is Admin::PagesController.paginated getting changed?
2) How do I turn this aberrant behavior off without gross hacks?
3) Is there really a legitimate scenario where this is really the desired


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