I need to allow a Radiant user to edit stylesheets and immediately see the results in generated pages, which means I want to effectively turn off caching for stylesheets.

I have set the cache timeout to 1 second in environment.rb (for some reason, setting it to 0 doesn't work in Chrome - great ;]), like so:

config.after_initialize do
  SiteController.cache_timeout = 1.second

and regular pages show this response header

     max-age=1, public

But for a stylesheet request, I keep seeing a response header of

     max-age=2592000, public

which is effectively 30 days.

Stylesheets are served through the SiteController like anything else - so I don't understand why they don't appear to be subject to the same caching controls as everything else?

Should stylesheets obey the normal page caching rules?

(I have also tried overriding the "cache?" method of StylesheetPage to no avail, FYI).


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