I am testing out Radiant after a very long time away, so I did the 

1. New rvm, Ruby 1.8.7. Installed Radiant 0.9.1 with gem install radiant.
2. New Radiant site, all defaults, choose Styled Blog (4) as the template.
3. Create a new article, works great.
4. Everything looks great, works fine, until I choose the June 2011 option 
in the Archives By Month sidebar links. There, I see that "Recursion error: 
already rendering the `body' part." error, because the archives by month 
indexer is trying to include itself in the list of pages for that month.

I saw some messages on this list about this type of error, but I wasn't sure 
if they related. Is this a known thing? How can I work around it, or is it 
in the pipeline for fixing in the 1.0? I have a client I'm evaluating this 
for, he'd like to get his scholarly discussion site up fairly quickly, and 
I'd rather not build this a couple of separate times.

Thanks as always for such a nice system!


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