I found that if you give people something to start with you'll get many more 
comments, i.e., show the group what you plan to do. Others are unlikely to take 
their time to put down what they think you already know. I'm a lurker so 
couldn't offer any suggestions in either case.

My 2 cents.


On Jun 15, 2011, at 13:58 PM, Joel Oliveira wrote:

> Hey everyone - 
> Next month's Boston.rb meeting (Jul 12) -- -- is going 
> to be centered around two of the more popular Rails-based CMS's out there.  
> I'll be presenting on our dear Radiant (of course) and Refinery will be 
> presented by fellow Boston rubyist, and all around awesome guy, Dan Pickett.  
> I'm not so much concerned with coming out on top as "king shh of rails cms 
> mountain" (ok maybe a little bit) ... but want to be absolutely sure I act as 
> a good ambassador for the Radiant project.  I have a few ideas for the points 
> I'd like to touch on but figured I would open it up to the list to see if 
> there are any specific things I should absolutely not miss.   In other words 
> - help me make absolutely sure we come away with some converts.
> history
> installation / dependencies?
> the extensions system
> why choose Radiant?
> when NOT to choose Radiant
> road map
> If anyone has gone through the similar experience and noticed there were 
> questions during/after about things you didn't expect - what would they be?  
> Thanks for your input!
> - Joel

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