I experienced something along these lines just this week, and found
the following solution for it.

My problem was that TinyMCE was eliminating an iframe we were trying
to insert on the page (happened to be a Facebook "Like" button).

The solution was to add "iframe" and its associated attributes to the
"extended valid elements" list in the TinyMCE settings in /public/
javascripts/tiny_mce/tiny_mce_settings.js. It's all detailed here:

As for dealing with radius tags, I don't know whether you'd have to
enter "r" as tag name (which would helpfully cover all radius tags),
or be more explicit and enter "r:title". Reply back if you find the
right solution.

Also, while you're in there, another useful setting to add is the
"content css" setting to apply your site's styles right into the
WYSIWYG area. Very helpful for clients who don't understand why
content doesn't look the same when they're editing it:


On Jun 16, 10:45 pm, Cleverlemming <cleverlemm...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hail Caesars,
> Is there a trick to prevent the Tiny Paper RTF Editor from turning
> Radiant tags into gibberish? I have no problem turning off filters to
> add a custom tag but it's too much to ask of my end users. For
> example, entering <h2><r:title /></h2> in the html source editor for
> Tiny Paper/RTF filter yields this: <h2><hr title="&lt;r:title /&gt;" /></h2>. 
> Seems like somewhere there's a list of reg expressions that
> the filter knows to escape and radiant tags aren't on the list.
> Thanks,
> Pete

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