Disabling caching is not really going to help or hurt you with respect to Heroku.

Generally, the issues that Heroku presents for Radiant apps. are:

1) Heroku doesn't support git submodules by default, yet. So you need to "git clone" your extensions into your Radiant app, and make sure that you remove any .git, .gitignore files from those directory trees

2) Writing to the filesystem is not allowed in Heroku apps, except to the "tmp" directory (which is where Rack::Cache is implemented) a) If you are using Sass and don't precompile your CSS, the Sass compilation will fail b) If you upload files, you'll need to store them in an offline storage area (e.g. Amazon S3, etc. - see the built-in "clipped" extension in 1.0.0RC2 or the "paperclipped" (separate) extension in <= 0.9.1).


On 6/18/11 9:37 AM, Tom Brooke wrote:
Just checking on whether or not disabling the cache will get me up and running on heroku with 1.0rc and

If anyone has suggestions for Heroku I would be glad to listen

On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 2:18 PM, Wes Gamble < <>> wrote:

I wrote up a howto on how to disable the cache in Radiant. Obviously, if anyone wants to review (and correct) it, feel free.


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