After going several rounds attempting to train TinyMCE not to mangle
my custom tags (
Configuration:extended_valid_elements), I decided to give the
WymEditor a try (
filter) and my problem was solved. The WymEditor extension is easy to
install and my end-users find it much easier to use.

One of my tags creates a simple image link for storekeepers who are
blogging about a product: <r:buy_now product="http://shop.mydomain/
products/great-widget" />. The WymEditor treats the tag as a code
sample and corrals it in <pre> tags, if you paste it directly.
However, following Benny Degezelle's instructions (http://www.ruby-, the trick is to first set the editor filter
to none, paste the tag, and then set the editor filter back to
WymEditor. The result is a correctly formatted tag and a ruby icon in
the editor, indicating that it was interpreted correct.

Hope this is of use to somebody...

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