Hi guys,

I'm trying to deploy my Radiant site to Heroku, and having some
problems. I tried to use the Aspen stack (which does not depend on
Bundler)... but it runs only Ruby 1.8.6 and I need 1.8.7.

I see, from comments Jim Gay made on the Github issues, that he tried
to intregrate Bundler with Radiant 1.0, but backed it out because of
extension worries.

I do see some people on the Internet have made 0.9.1 work with
bundler, particularly:

I'm actually curious: if I just add a Gemfile (and Gemfile.lock) to my
stock Radiant 0.9.1 project, will it work? Or do I need to integrate
bundler into my 0.9.1 project, are Stephane described?

If I do have to integrate bundler, does that mean I might have issues
with the Radiant extensions I have installed?

I would prefer using Heroku as a host... but, I also don't want to
boil the ocean.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
_Ryan Wilcox

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