On Monday, August 8, 2011 1:47:56 PM UTC-5, roguedev wrote:
> I can install extensions without errors in radiant 0.9.1. It's after 
> freezing to edge that I'm having trouble. Do I need to do something 
> different after freezing?

rake radiant:update
rake db:migrate
(and update the new environment files if you had custom stuff in there)

> Is it even possible to install extensions 
> after running rake radiant:freeze:edge? 

it definitely should be

> The /vendor/extensions/index_page directory is present and non-empty. 
> And I get the same issues with other extensions I've tried to install. 
> I'm new to radiant, and haven't used rails in a couple of years, so I 
> might just be missing something. But I definitely like what I see on 
> edge. 

could you try manual installation:

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