On 19 Aug 2011, at 12:09, Jacky Huang wrote:

> Hi,
> I install radiant on ubuntu with 'sudo gem install rails radiant'. And
> the rails version is 3.0.10.
> jacky@jacky-laptop:~$ rails -v
> Rails 3.0.10
> jacky@jacky-laptop:~$ radiant -v
> Radiant 0.9.1
> jacky@jacky-laptop:~$
> I know currently radiant is not supported with rails 3.0. So I am
> confused with this result. Are there something wrong?

$ gem install rails radiant

is an instruction to install first the rails gem, and then the radiant gem. 
You're getting the latest rails and the latest (non-prerelease) radiant, and 
everything is as it should be but not quite what you wanted.

If you were using the nearly-nearly-ready radiant 1, you would only need to say:

$ gem install radiant

and rails would be brought in automatically as a dependency. If you want to use 
radiant 0.91, you also only need to say:

$ gem install radiant

but in that case it works because older versions of radiant include their own 
copies of rails in vendor/rails. So as it happens, your installation of rails 
3.10 might not matter. It's best to uninstall it, though: when you start adding 
extensions and other gems that have their own dependencies on ActiveSupport (or 
similar) you can end up with rails-version-confusion.



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