I'm new to Rails, and I may be approaching this from the wrong angle:

I am running an internal blog using radiant CMS which I use for daily
status reports.  In order to make posting as painless as possible, I
have created a HTML form that creates a new page with several hidden
fields (for title, slug, breadcrumb) initialized by client-side
javascript.  Only a textarea and a submit button is presented to the
user, and the content is automatically considered to be markdown.  The
Javascript also checks that a authenticity_token is present (rendered
into the page by a custom extension).

This works well if I am logged in.  If I am not logged in, I would
like to be redirected to the /admin/login (?) page by my JavaScript
and then back to the custom page.  What would be an easy way to achive
that?  Should I rather create my own login page?

Any hints, pointers, guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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