Here are some thoughts after spending time away from Radiant:

I have been running the 1.0 RC3 gem for a couple of weeks now on a production 
site. I'm very pleased with the simplicity and stability of the app.
Using gems has also been such a pleasure. When I last used Radiant (0.7.1) I 
had such a problem working with extensions, that I did not feel comfortable in 
production environment or passing the project on to others. The inclusion 
"Assets" means that for the present project, I only need three extensions; Copy 
Move, Banner Rotator and

Radiant is so elegant and simple, yet therein lies the power that unlocks the 
creative mind. Very ingenious and a pleasure to work in. So many CMSes are so 
full of bloat and eye candy
as to be dizzying to the senses. I find this especially so for extended use. 
Radiant has taken a more minimalist approach that really shines especially for 
those 80% of sites and small teams. Word.
There is a bug (I just filed #290), where if a default page status is not first 
chosen, creating a new child page throws an application error. If this happens, 
simply go into
settings and choose a default page type e.g. draft and all is well again. 

Thanks again to all the developers for all of the hard work that has gone into 
the redesign of the interface and the effort to move their extension to gems. 


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