I have created a fairly huge JSON representation of a data structure.
That JSON resides in a template's Javascript. My template thus renders

Turns out that since this is a CMS, the client will want to edit the
data structure. Add new elements, change existing ones etc. What would
be the Radiant Pattern that could be used to deal with this?

- If the JSON is generated dynamically, is that best done with a
plugin of some kind?
- To provide for CRUD on this data, of which there are hundreds of
objects, what would be the best approach?

As an example... I want the client to be able to upload a new logo
whenever they want, to their collection of logos. And each logo
collected has some other attributes like title, associate, etc..

I guess I am just looking for pointers as to how Radiant can be used
to serve up pages, where the pages render JSON, but that JSON is
editable using the Administration capabilities of Radiant.

Thanks for any tips!!

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