I'm rebuilding one of my Radiant sites using the latest version, and
I've decided to incorporate my JavaScripts into the Design -->
Javascripts area rather than load them from a subdirectory. However, I
haven't been able to find any documentation about how to do this
properly (and, being seemingly one of the few Radiant users who is not
a programmer, I need documentation). Do I just place each of the
scripts into new JavaScripts pages? And, if I do that, how do I refer
to the scripts on the pages? For example, here is some sample code
that I currently place in the header snippet:

<script src="/js/signup.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://downloads.mailchimp.com/js/
<script language="javascript" src="/js/jquery.tweet.js" type="text/
<script src="/javascripts/hyphenator/Hyphenator.js" type="text/
  <script type="text/javascript">
                        displaytogglebox : false,
                        orphancontrol: 2

How do I use scripts like these (and the links to which they point),
in the same way as they are currently being used in the header
snippet, in the Design --> Javascripts area of the admin interface?

This seems like such a simple question (probably the answer is just to
copy and paste the code), but there may be factors to consider, such
as how (and from where) Javascript links are loaded.

Is this as simple as it sounds?

Thanks in advance.


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