Hi Fabio,I am not sure if you still have a problem, but I can give you
my recent experience. It depends if you want to run a radiant-based
system from gems or from source. The gem method is easier.
I recently cloned the radiant/radiant source tree and found that many
things have changed since I last used it - all of them better.
However, I was trying to run what is only part of the system - the
complete eco-system has been broken down into lots of gems which get
called/installed auto-magically when you you run from the gem, but not
when you run from source.
For example, I think that at least the following gems need to be added
and installed
gem "rdoc",          "~> 3.9.2"gem "acts_as_tree",  "~> 0.1.1"gem
"bundler",       "~> 1.0.0"gem "compass",       "~> 0.11.1"gem
"delocalize",    "~> 0.2.3"gem "haml",          "~> 3.1.1"gem
"highline",      "1.6.2"gem "rack",          "~> 1.1.1"gem "rack-
cache",    "~> 1.0.2"gem "rake",          ">= 0.8.7"gem "radius",    
   "~> 0.7.1"gem "sqlite3",       "1.3.4"gem "will_paginate", "~>
2.3.11"gem "stringex",      "~> 1.3.0"
gem  "radiant-archive-extension",             "~> 1.0.6"gem  "radiant-
clipped-extension",             "~> 1.0.10"gem  "radiant-debug-
extension",               "~> 1.0.0"gem  "radiant-exporter-extension",
           "~> 1.0.0"gem  "radiant-markdown_filter-extension",     "~>
1.0.0"gem  "radiant-sheets-extension",              "~> 1.0.4"gem
 "radiant-site_templates-extension",      "~> 1.0.2"gem  "radiant-
smarty_pants_filter-extension", "~> 1.0.0"gem  "radiant-textile_filter-
extension",      "~> 1.0.0"

this might explain some of the error messages that you got as I saw
the same ones - and then many more until I realised I was doing the
wrong thing;Hope this helps,
David V.
On Dec 2, 7:30 pm, Fabio Fabrizi <fabio.fabr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi John,
> Away from my computer so I'll get the information on sun/mon.
> I'm using radiant 0.9.1
> On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 8:53 PM, john <johnm...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > it seems like you aren't getting the sqlite gem loaded. does your Gemfile
> > have a `gem "sqlite3"` line in it? if that isn't it would you gist your
> > shell session and Gemfile and Gemfile.lock files. what version of radiant
> > are you using?

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